"Telling one company's history is to tell the story of the persons involved in its existence and these persons' dreams. A company is as great as its men's dreaming capacity"

Mecânica Nunes's history derives from the its founder - Mr. José Expedito Nunes -'s pioneering character. In the 1970 decade, he cooperated with large companies in the metallurgy and iron-and-steel making sector, such as Vale do Rio Doce (Tubarão unit), Belgo Mineira (João Monlevade) and Terex. In 1982, Mr. Nunes established a small machining company in Contagem, state of Minas Gerais. Contagem was then the heart of the state's industry.


Both the 1980 decade and the beginning of the 90's were crucial for the consolidation of the "Nunes" trademark, closely associated to the efforts made and to Mr. Nunes's professional expertise. Until then he was responsible for the company's various sectors.

Foreseeing good professional prospects, on June 10th, 1994, Mr. Nunes founded Mecânica Industrial Nunes Ltd, in the facilities of an old metal-working shop. The town selected was Ouro Branco, strategically located 95 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, with great supply of raw materials, qualified manpower and served by the state's main highway corridors.

As early as from the very beginning of its activities, Mecânica Nunes supplied to major and demanding customers such Paul Wurth do Brasil, Açominas, Ferteco (currently Vale's Fábrica Mine Unit) and CSC (Casa de Pedra Mine). The company soon consolidated in the region, as a synonym of quality and entrepreneurial courage.

Mr. José Espedito Nunes, CEO  

The work performed was so successful that within less than ten years there was formed the Nunes Enterprise Group, which, in addition to Mecânica Nunes, includes Indumec, Mec IN Service. All of these are capital goods transformation companies, as well as companies rendering large electromechanical assembling and maintenance, iron and steel supply and ferrous scrap beneficiation services.

In its activities, the Nunes Group has over 600 employees including permanent and temporary manpower. It renders services to Paul Wurth do Brasil, Vale, Gerdau Açominas, CSN, Vallourec & Mannesman, Belgo Mineira, Casa da Moeda, Holcim do Brasil, ArcelorMittal, Combustol, Enfil, amongst others.

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